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1. Is the tree in front of my house a City tree?
2. Can I have someone look at a tree within in the City right of way because I think it is dead since it has not produced any leaves yet?
3. How do I request tree work within the City right-of-way from Geneva’s Department of Public Works?
4. Can I have someone look at a tree in the City right-of-way because it is losing a lot of limbs and I want it removed?
5. What kind of trees are we planting in the City right-of-way this year?
6. Can I request a tree to be planted in the City right-of-way?
7. Can I have a tree within the City right of way removed because the tree is too close to the wires and/or the house?
8. Whose responsibility is it to repair/replace my sidewalk if a City tree’s roots damaged it?