What is public art and public space?

Public art is defined as art owned by the City of Geneva and accessible to the citizens of Geneva in public locations. A secondary category of public art is that privately owned but publicly accessible. These artworks can be visible from the street or inside buildings open to the public. Both permanent and temporary installations of all media of art concern the committee.

A public space is a social space that is generally open and accessible to people.Roads (including the pavement and space above the street), public squares, parks and beaches are typically considered public space. Government buildings which are open to the public, such as City Hall, are public space. Privately owned buildings or property visible from sidewalks and public thoroughfares may affect the public landscape and thus become public space.

The term public art properly refers to works of art in any media that have been planned and executed with the specific intention of being sited or staged in the public space, usually accessible to all. Public art has increasingly begun to expand in scope and application - both into other wider and challenging art forms, and also across a much broader range of what might be called our public space.

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3. What is public art and public space?