City DPW reports vandalism to at least 5 memorial benches and at least one new composite picnic tables had carved graffiti at the Geneva Lakefront Park. Our established Benchmark Program has allowed families or groups to purchase a park bench and dedicate them to loved ones as memorial

Our crews often find and correct small property damages however, in my two years as Director of Public Works we have not witnessed this amount of deliberate destruction and damage to public property. It is unfortunate not only because these acts are very disrespectful to the families that support the program, the replacement cost is estimated to be more than $10,000.00. DPW staff will contact bench owners to share the news and to let them know that we will be working on replacements. The picnic tables were graciously donated by Geneva Community Projects as part of their continual commitment to beautify the Lakefront gazebo area and we will work directly with the table vendors to help remove and repair the graffiti. We are still looking to recover one of the bronze plaques that identify whom the individual benches are dedicated too. The six foot benches are installed around city parks including the Lakefront Park allowing many people to simply relax and or rest while just enjoying an outing in our city.

The damages were reported early Monday morning and if anyone has any information about the vandalism, we ask that you please contact Geneva Police Department at 315-828-6771.

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