Geneva North End Brownfield Opportunity Area Study


Through the Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) program, the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS) provides grants to local governments to create revitalization strategies for neighborhoods affected by brownfields. In 2012, the City of Geneva initiated Step One in the BOA process to develop a Pre-Nomination Study for the North End neighborhoods in Geneva.

The purpose of the North End BOA process is to develop a vision and action plan for the North End neighborhoods that:

  • Identifies catalyst zones and properties
  • Identifies infrastructure improvements
  • Addresses challenges and builds on local assets
  • Outlines strategies in a unified concept plan
  • Builds community capacity for implementation

Geneva Brownfield Opportunity Area Nomination Study

After completing the Pre-Nomination Study, the City secured funding from the New York Department of State Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) program to complete a Nomination Study. The Nomination Study is an analysis that gives the community a basic assessment and understanding of existing conditions, brownfield site status and the area’s potential for revitalization. The Nomination study will help to guide and coordinate future neighborhood revitalization initiatives in the North End neighborhoods, with particular emphasis on the area’s brownfield properties.

North End Brownfield Opportunity Area Open Space & Connectivity Strategy

The Open Space and Connectivity Strategy Planning project focused on advancing a key element of the City of Geneva’s “Open Space and Connectivity” strategy within its state-approved North End BOA revitalization plan. The project assessed feasibility and provided schematic designs for walking connections between East Lakeview, downtown, and the waterfront, including over/across the rail lines and Routes 5 & 20 in conjunction with a roadway reconfiguration, a rails to-trails study, and a Marsh Creek greenway concept. The project and its components build upon numerous ongoing initiatives for the City of Geneva. Open space and access improvements are intended to spur investment, economic development, and job growth, improve the experience of neighborhood public space, and support health and climate resilience. The project aims to:

  • Improve connectivity through safe bike and pedestrian connections to the downtown and lakefront 
  • Activate existing open space assets & link to regional trail systems 
  • Strengthen public health through improved recreational opportunities
  • Improve local quality of life and food security
  • Reinforce Geneva as a regional destination
  • Support area-wide economic development
  • Create value for adjacent properties and the whole neighborhood
  • Play a role in moderating extreme heat and buffering flooding in a changing climate
  • Ensure the concept plan integrates the economics and environmental considerations and will be sustainable