City & County Tax Bills

Instructions to View and Print Your Tax Bills

To search an individual tax bill:

Select "Search" or "Find" tool on your browser which will bring up your find function. If you do not have either of these, press the "Ctrl" button and "F" button together. A small blue box should appear. Press the pull down button and select "Open Full Search Menu".

  • Enter your property address, or last name, or parcel number
  • Press Search

To print an individual tax bill:

  • After searching your tax bill (see above instructions), on the task bar on the top of the screen select "File".
  • Under "File" select "Print" or right-click and select "Print", then select page to print.
  • Underneath "Page Range" select "Current Page".
  • Click "OK".

Caution: If you do not select "Current Page", you will end up printing the entire County or City Tax Bill file (3500 pages).